Friday, June 24, 2011

Back to the craziness

Sometimes, I think everything I say and do is new and extrordinary and amazing. Other times, I realize that my friends are probably pretty tired of hearing the same plot lines with different names. Most women at the age of 32 have more to show than a bunch of vodka-drenched memories and missed opportunities at happily ever after.

I quit writing for awhile because I felt like it was just getting too predictable. Every new person I met, every new situation I found myself in, I could look at it and within 30 seconds tell you how it would probably end. I still feel like that, most of the time. However, I had the comfort of knowing I could refer back to my old blog (by the same name) and remind myself of just why that cute boy who was just a little too young was a bad idea.

But then I tried to log back in after de-activating it 2 years ago, and IT WAS GONE! So here we go again. A couple years older, wiser, and hopefully, better.

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